My Son Jamie

Through the years I have been inspired by many different people. True, I have had a lot of heartbreak but the joyful times really outnumbered the bad. I just returned home from being with my son Jamie. He is my youngest son and the brightest star in my universe! He inspires me to be a better person. His perception of life is so positive that he makes me want to live a more productive life. To take care of myself and surround myself with productive people. Anyone that knows Jamie will agree that he is a very personable, smart, and a joy to be with. His attitude toward life is amazing! It’s funny but my son inspires me to face the future and not always be afraid. I like that he has grown up to be the man his family and friends admire. Don’t get me wrong, we do have our disagreements but to be honest it is usually my fault! Sometimes I say things that I have no business or right to say. I realize we all have to be responsible for our own lives but mothers sometimes react in the wrong way! I just wanted Jamie to know he is a big inspiration to his mother and I love him very much.
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Deanna Adler

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