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At first I was afraid to start this blog but now I am so happy that I did. I was worried that people would believe all the terrible things that have been said about me. “The meanest mother in the world”, “I threw Steven out of the house at age 11”, can you imagine.. age 11?! I’m sure theres more. I’m so thankful you don’t believe all that nonsense. All I’ve received are positive comments which I’m so happy about. So now I enjoy writing my blog and I thank you for following me.

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3 thoughts on “My Blog

  1. i am a recovering alcoholic. the way my adult children percieve me when i was drinking, is how they see me now. i cannot change their minds. it hurts so much to hear what they say about the past, and still think of me that way.. i asked my sponser why? well ist of all my children are actively drinking. my sponser said. as long as you converse with them while they are drinking, u might as well be talking to yourself. i did not understand. it took awile, now i do. they are review my life while not of clear mind, and there is nothing i can do, but pray for them to find their way. believe me, we all good write a book! i often tell my a/a friends, we are rock stars! we have it goin on!

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