Become Brothers Again!

Steven and Jamie haven’t spoken to one another in over 6 months.  I told you before they have a love hate relationship!!! I guess they are in a hate phase right now. It makes me feel bad because I would like to go out as a family and right now I can’t. It’s either have dinner with Steven or have dinner with Jamie. Never together. I can’t interfere, I’m just praying that they will mend there differences and become brothers again!

One thought on “Become Brothers Again!

  1. Don’t feel bad. What’s happening between them is perfect and right and divinely ordained. We all have our conflicts with others, and these conflicts speak of inner wars that we are dealing with. In a strange way they are healing themselves. You don’t need to stress, because it’s all being dealt with. Just have your dinner with each of them, and wait for the time when it will be all three of you together. The river can’t be pushed. It will flow to the sea in its own time.

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