God’s Chosen Few

I remember Steven was about 17 years old and my mother gave him her old car. I remember it was the color blue, bright blue! And on the side Steven had painted the words “road crew” I guess that’s the name he chose for his band or should I say the band he was trying to get together. My brother Artie was very upset with Steven for being so disrespectful to his family especially me! So one day Artie came over to my house and on that day my parents were there as was Steven. He saw Stevens car and opened the hood and ripped out all the hoses and wires. He literally destroyed the car! I remember hiding in the backyard because I was so scared about what was going on. My brother then left. My parents couldn’t believe what happened. Not to worry though as Steven could do no wrong in their eyes. They just had a tow truck takes Stevens car away and they got it fixed for him. This is why I’ve always said Steven is one of “God’s chosen few”, he can do no wrong in people’s eyes especially his grandparents. I take that back, he could do plenty wrong!
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