All a Parent Can Do.

Yesterday I was telling you about the verbal abuse I grew up with. Just because I didn’t treat my boys badly doesn’t mean they couldn’t get involved with drugs! When a child reaches 13 all of a sudden their peers are the most important people in their lives. I never smoked, I never drank, or did drugs. Each of my sons experimented with drugs. I was thankful that after a time they stopped except for Steven, he just couldn’t stop for 25 years! As a parent you realize you have no control over their lives when they reached the age of 18. We just want to know that we were there for them and taught them right from wrong and to respect our fellow man. I guess that’s really all a parent can do.

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3 thoughts on “All a Parent Can Do.

  1. As a parent, the best decision for your child can often be the hardest. I’m only 38, but believe me I do know. When my son was four years old it was becoming more and more apparent that I was unable to deal with his violent autistic meltdowns, and I myself had recently been diagnosed with epilepsy. Wanting only the very best for him, I chose to place my son in foster care – and he is thriving. I see him as often as I can but, even twelve years after making that decision, I will often sit and look at photographs of my beautiful young man and cry. I miss him so much, but I did what I had to do in order for him to grow well and be in a happy home. His foster family adore him.

    You chose to see it through with Steven, until the bitter end (whatever that end may be). It’s shocking how many mothers turn their backs on children who run into trouble with drugs or alcohol. You didn’t do that.

    You are a strong woman, and I salute you.

    Gemma x

  2. “When a child reaches 13 all of a sudden their peers are the most important people in their lives” – very accurate. My husband and I were just discussing something close to this. I’m going to catch up on your blog, love this post, can only imagine the rest! thank you!

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