My Mother

My mother, she should rest in peace was a very mean person! Growing up I always felt like I didn’t belong. I have five brothers and sisters who were all blond with blue eyes! Me, I’m   dark with brown hair. To be really honest, at my age 71 years I really have gray hair but thanks to preference by L’Oreal I still have brown hair! Back to my mother, I don’t ever remember her saying one kind word to me. Out of six kids I guess I was her least favorite. I think the way I raised my boys reflected how I was raised. I know how it hurt not to hear a kind word and always feeling so insecure. I’ve always made sure that I told my sons that I love them every single day! If they came home from school  with Cs or D’s on their report card I never made them feel bad. I treated them how I wished I was treated growing up.  

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