One Gigantic Lie

For 25 years I was constantly lying! If anyone asked where Steven was I lied. How would I know where he was? The best lie was, don’t believe what they write about his drug use, it’s just not true! Or how about, Steven came over for dinner last night and all is well with him, he looks great! Meanwhile I had not talked or seen him in months. Sometimes a year would go by and we would not hear one word! It’s not easy to have a son in the limelight especially one that was a drug addict. The worst part was how hurt Jamie was not being able to see his brother whom he loves so much. The kids in Jamie’s school never knew what went on  in our home. They believed anything Jamie told them! Not only did I have to lie but in reality all our lives were just one gigantic lie! No one should live their lives like that.
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Deanna Adler

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