Steven and his younger brother Jamie have always had a troubled relationship. Growing up Steven was rarely in Jamie’s life. Holidays, birthdays, even Jamie’s bar mitzvah steven was a no-show. My heart was broken for Jamie because he loves Steven so much. Remember Steven is Jamie’s big brother. It’s just too bad that Jamie had to grow up having a drug addict for his brother! It hurt all of us but mostly it hurt jamie. I remember reading all the bad press about Stevens drug use. How do you think Jamie felt when other kids at school and even his friends asked if Steven was really on hard drugs. Of course we all tried to deny it. But I’m sure people knew we were lying! I’m so thankful that Jamie has grown up to be a wonderful caring young man. He is my pride and joy and I’ve really lost without him! The hurt that he felt growing up never really leaves you. Maybe one day Jamie will write down his thoughts it sure would make one hell of a book!
Deanna Adler

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