No Big Deal

Years ago Steven wanted to go to a rehab in Los Angeles(again) he was living in Vegas at that time. He called and asked me to make a reservation on the plane and he wanted me to go with him. I told him of course so on the day of the trip I called him to remind him what time the plane leaves Vegas. He told me to pick him up so I called a cab and went to his house. As usual he wasn’t ready plus he was so high on heroin that I told him that we can’t get on a plane looking the way he did .He told me to wait outside in the cab and that he’d be right out . Of course he never came out so I sent the cab away. I then went back in his house and he was upstairs in his bedroom doing heroin. Why he wanted to go to a rehab and then do this I just don’t know! So I go home and the next day he calls and says he’s ready to go to the rehab now. I call a cab (again) and we pick him up. I didn’t want to go with him but I wanted him to get help. So we arrive at the airport  and  the line to go through security was real long. Steven tells me he has to use the restrooms and for me to stay in line. The line is moving so I get out of line and go by the men’s bathroom and called his name. Of course he was in there doing heroin and I was disturbing him by telling him the line was moving. He came out and started yelling at me in front of at least 100 people “you fuckin bitch”,fuck you! I’m going home!” He then ran out of the Air port , grabbed a cab and went back home ! He ran so fast I lost him. I then proceeded to take a cab and went home myself. As I was driving past his house there was his drug dealers car in the driveway. He must have called him when he got in his cab! Of course I went straight home. Just another day in the life of DEANNA ADLER! No big deal!

Pre-order my book” Sweet Child of Mine” and wonder why I’m still in my right mind!


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