Destroy a Family

There is a 10 year difference in age between steven and his youngest brother Jamie. My oldest son Ken is three years older than Steven. Even though  Ken and Steven were closer in age there was always conflict! But with Jamie being the youngest I thought the older boys would have a different relationship with Jamie. Until Jamie was nine years old that held true, but then Ken got married and moved out. By that time Steven was living at his grandparents apartment or occasionally he would come home to us. He was already involved with Guns N Roses or at that time the band was called Hollywood Rose! So in reality Steven wasn’t involved in Jamie’s life. The next 25 years I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy! The heartbreak that Jamie endured  was terrible. Here he had a rock star for a brother and he was so proud of him but had absolutely no relationship with him. Oh sure, people thought that they were so close but it was all a farce! Drugs really do destroy a family. Not only the addict but the entire family. It’s amazing that I don’t drink! Sex drugs and rock ‘n roll couldn’t be more true.
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Deanna Adler

3 thoughts on “Destroy a Family

  1. Deanna,
    if this is merely a “taste” of what’s to come in your book, I think it will be an incredible read! As a mother, it’s heartbreaking for me to think about my children living the life of “Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll”, much less them growing apart and not knowing each other. You must be a very strong and loving mother to have made it this far. Looking forward to your book!

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