Vicious Cycle of Drugs

I move to Las Vegas to get away from Steven and now he is moving here.  I found a house down the street from me in a gate guarded community so I thought no one could get in  – meaning the drug dealers.  This is how dumb I am at times, especially when it come to Steven.  I always want to believe that he will stop this vicious cycle of drugs but of course I am always wrong.  I still believed I could help him.  I forgot that all you have to do is call the security desk at the gate and tell them you have a guest coming and they let them through.  It’s amazing within a few days of moving here he finds the drug dealers. In fact two live right down the street from him.  
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2 thoughts on “Vicious Cycle of Drugs

  1. I admire your courage it takes a lot to write a book about your personal experiences, especially with everything that you and your son have been through since he joined Guns n Roses.

  2. Chelsea, thank you so much. You’re right, it does take a lot of courage but I sincerely hope my story helps people even in some small way! Thank you for reading, I hope you continue to read and follow. Your support means a lot to me!

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