Where is Steven Going to Live?

 I can’t believe it, I list the condo and they want him out so badly that it sells in one week.  Someone on the board bought it, of course we lost money on it but now comes the hard part, where is Steven going to live?  Los Angeles or Las Vegas?
Pre-order book “Sweet Child of Mine” and see what happens!

2 thoughts on “Where is Steven Going to Live?

  1. Deanna, I am honored that you started following my blog today… so naturally I had to come check out yours 😉 WOW!!!! I will never look at the song “Sweet Child of Mine” the same again.. and it has always been one of my favorites. I was in tears just reading your intro, and would like to purchase your book… is it on kindle? Please keep in touch! I am amazed at your courage… and I want to hear more of your story…

    shalimamma at lifevictorious.com

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