Official Sweet Child of Mine Book Excerpt

“This was a pivotal moment in both our lives. I looked Steven right in the eyes and told him how much I loved him and that I forgave him. He continued crying softly. He was very moved by my words and I believe resolved, from that point on, to fix his life. I had finally gotten through to my boy. I knew that with patience and prayer we could help Steven turn things around and make a change for the better. I wasn’t, however, going to go about this as some blindly zealous Bible-thumper, putting it all on the power of prayer. I knew Steven was damaged, and that there would be disappointments and setbacks. We would reach out to professionals who specialized in helping addicted teens, and we would do whatever they required. There was lots of work ahead”

Pre-order an autographed copy of “Sweet Child of Mine” signed by myself & Steven Adler for $15! 


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