Complete Mess

So now I have to find a real estate agent in Los Angeles to sell Steven’s condo.  Now remember all the windows and the sliding glass doors are covered in black paint.  There is so much damage in the condo from Steven getting mad and knocking holes in the walls – who in God’s name would want to buy this complete mess. When I saw it I didn’t want to step into the condo much less buy it.
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2 thoughts on “Complete Mess

  1. So, unless I’m missing something, I have a question – why do YOU have to find a real estate agent? It certainly doesn’t sound like you “let go” yet. Aren’t you getting tired? Emotionally drained? I took care of my ex husband (alcoholic) for 7 years … it drained me …

  2. Rosalinde, you’re completely right. It’s impossible to actually “let go”. I was definitely tired and emotionally drained but my love for him gave me the drive to continue to help him and be his support system. I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with your ex-husband’s addiction, I can only imagine how drained you must’ve been. I sincerely hope both of you are doing better now. Thank you for your comments!

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