Move to Vegas where I Live!

OK! I get the call from some attorney for the building where Steven owns a condo! They want him out and I mean fast! I immediately called Steven and what comes out of my mouth was such a mistake! I couldn’t believe what I said. He asked me if he could sell his condo and move to Vegas where I live. I said that’s a good idea!!! Am I NUTS! Here I’m trying to stay as far away from him as possible and what do I tell him?? That’s a great idea! I have a husband who is an invalid who I take care of 24 hours a day . Yes! I am NUTS! I said I’ll call you later and hung up on him!
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Deanna Adler

One thought on “Move to Vegas where I Live!

  1. Wow, you know, that’s not going to end well … I would have just told him, “I can’t do it – you can’t live here” … when Colton is gone, that’s it, he’s gone … he’s messy, his room stinks, and he has 0 ambition. When he turns 18 in March 2013, he’s gone … I don’t care if he goes back to his mother’s, all I know is he won’t be living here.

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