What’s The Sense!

2001, this year has been very stressful for me. Every time the phone rings I look at the phone and I wonder who it will be and what do they want! I am truly afraid for every time the phone rings there is something else I have to deal with. This time it is my daughter-in-law Carolina. What a blessing she has been! Carolina is Stevens wife. I had called her earlier in the day to ask how Steven was doing. She tells me that Steven is doing alright and he is sleeping. I respect her so much for what she has gone through with Steven. She gives me some phone numbers and tells me to call up the phone company to block these numbers because they are Stevens drug dealers. She doesn’t want the drug dealers calling the house anymore. It’s just too much for her. I understand completely.  I had the numbers blocked but it doesn’t do any good because you see Steven will just call them. What’s the sense! It seems like we’re always trying to protect him but it doesn’t do any good!
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