What is Rock Bottom?

When Steven got out of the hospital after his stroke I thought for sure he would stop the drugs! What does it mean when you say you hit rock bottom! What is rock bottom? I was wrong again, he started in as soon as he got home. One call to the drug dealer and 30 minutes later he was at it again. The week that he was in the hospital near death’s door was forgotten. Through the years I have known many young man and women who have died of a drug over dose. Is this what’s in my son’s future? No parent wants a child of theirs to die before they do. They say that losing a child is the worst feeling in the world! A parent never gets over it.. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t worry about my son Steven. I know that his life is in God’s hands and believe me when I tell you my prayers are with him always!
Deanna Adler

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