The Stroke!

I was watching TV and the phone rang, it was a call from a nurse at Century City Hospital. She told me that Steven had overdosed “again” but this time he was in a coma! I was living in Las Vegas now, I thought I could run away, but in reality I couldn’t. I didn’t know much about what Steven was doing. Oh! I knew he was still doing drugs but we hardly talked. Now I get a call from a nurse and she is telling me that if Steven does not get a dialysis treatment he would die within 24 hours!! So I asked why they don’t give him the  dialysis? She said they needed permission from me since I was his legal guardian at that time. That’s what happens when you’re a drug addict. You need to have someone take control of their situation! Which I did for a time, but that’s another story! I had them fax me over a  permission slip which I signed right away and faxed back to the hospital. I was so thankful that they got hold of me. You see, my family in Los Angeles didn’t want me to know that he had overdosed. They know how hurt and miserable I’ve been for so long and they thought he would pull out of it again, but this time he had a stroke! Sometimes when he talks he slurs his words. But that’s because of his stroke. No mother wants her child and I say child because he will always be my child, to be sick.
Please preorder my book Sweet Child of Mine, you won’t be disappointed!
Deanna Adler

One thought on “The Stroke!

  1. Wow! Powerful! I have a fifteen year old, who has dillied and dallied with marijuana a couple times and this is where I fear it’ll lead.
    I’m getting a copy!

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