Heaven On Earth!

Heaven on earth! Steven told me that heroin is the closest thing to heaven on earth! I was powerless to do anything for my son. All I ever wanted was for Steven to be healthy and happy. Will this madness ever stop! Steven is one of the nicest men you would ever want to meet. He would give you the shirt off his back! But not when he’s on drugs!! I can honestly say that from the moment he signed with Geffen records to when he was fired from guns and roses it was the most devastating period in our families life. Oh sure, we occasionally saw him but he was always high on heroin or crack or whatever his choice of the day was. We would invite him to family dinners but he would always show up hours late and go straight into the bathroom for the longest time (where he was doing his drugs) I don’t know why he bothered to come over! It was so devastating to all of us. We love Steven but we could never help him. I used to pray to God that I could just once see my son completely clean and sober (maybe one day)!
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