Love on Mother’s Day!

Today is Mother’s Day and I want to tell you my favorite Mother’s Day story. About eight years ago I had the best Mother’s Day! My three sons kenny, steven and jamie along with my grandson max, picked me up about five o’clock in the evening. They presented me with a rose corsage. I asked where we were going to go for dinner and they told me it would be a surprise. Now picture this, I’m sitting in the backseat of the car with Steven on one side and Jamie on the other side of me. Kenny was driving and Max was in the passenger seat. We must have been driving for 15 minutes when I asked again where are we going for dinner? kenny answered don’t worry mom its a surprise. I couldn’t imagine where they were taking me. We are at the edge of town going deeper into the desert. Again I asked where are you taking me? NO answer! Then Kenny says to Jamie ‘you got the shovel’? And Jamie says’ its in the trunk! I said I want to know what’s going on. Where are you taking me? again they say don’t worry mom we are almost there! We continued driving and about five minutes later we wound up at Lake mead. Needless to say I was getting a little nervous. All of a sudden I see a sign advertising a Mother’s Day dinner cruise on Lake Mead! It was the best Mother’s Day I ever had but I will tell you I learned one thing ‘never get in a car with four big guys because believe me you don’t have a chance to escape!’ My sons love to tease me and this time they did a really good job ! Happy Mother’s Day!
Deanna Adler

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