Family of Alcoholics!

I come from a family of alcoholics! My father drank every day of his adult life. He worked as a baker and when he came home from work he told us he needed a drink (in a glass used for milk) because he needed to get the flour out of his lungs! Growing up we didn’t know any better. The best thing was that you would never know that he was an alcoholic! It was just something my father did, then he would make breakfast for himself and go to sleep. My grandfather died at age 51  of cirrhosis of the liver. My oldest sister cannot get through dinner without a bottle of wine. My other four siblings are very lucky we did not inherit the gene! But Steven did, he says he’s just like grandpa so it makes it all right. So one out of three of my children inherited the gene. Just knowing it runs in my family doesn’t make it okay. I have a lot to be thankful for and sharing these thoughts with you really helps me. My book (Sweet Child of mine) has lots of stories about being a mother to three sons with completely different personalities. It’s amazing how we take each day and each other for granted until all of a sudden your life is in turmoil!
Deanna Adler

2 thoughts on “Family of Alcoholics!

  1. I grew up with an alcoholic father … I feel your pain … I have two sisters and thankfully we never turned to drugs or alcohol … although I did turn to food and have always had problems with it … I’m a care taker, rescuer, of sorts.

  2. Coming from a family of addicts (my parents, both sets of grandparents, and my brother) is tough stuff. It’s truly a family disease. I’m thankful God got a hold of me early and set me free from my addictions and codependency before it got too out of hand. I can only imagine the heartache a mother must feel watching one of her children ride the roller-coaster of addiction, in the public eye nonetheless. I pray that as you share your story God will continue to bring healing to you and your family.

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