Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame

Last night I saw my son Steven being inducted into the rock ‘n roll Hall of Fame! I couldn’t be more proud! How many mothers can say their son will live forever in the rock ‘n roll world? The answer to that is slim and none. 47 years ago I hatched steven adler! From day one it has been a roller coaster ride! The ups and downs and twists and turns seem to go on forever. But last night the ride ended! He did what he said he would do it at age 12 when I picked him up from a concert at Six Flags Magic Mountain. He had gone to see the rock group kiss and when he got into the car he told me MA, I’m going to be one of the biggest rock stars in the world and then I’m going to be inducted into the rock ‘n roll Hall of Fame! Well, he did it! Congratulations Steven, what’s next for Steven, only God knows what Steven will accomplish! You know I never thought of Steven as being a rock star, just as being my son! Just wanted all of you to know that I’m very proud of Steven to accomplish what he did. Hope everyone has a great day and I have to believe the best is yet to come!

Deanna Adler


5 thoughts on “Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame

  1. Guns n’ Roses was my favourite band growing up, so beautiful to see you so proud. Happy to say the songs have brushed off on my 12 year old son too and he does a pretty good rendition of Sweet Child of Mine on the Guitar. I’ll show him your blog and tell him not to give up on his young dreams!

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